invests in properties in several cities. Beside, we serve as consultants for projects of our customers. We optimize the properties according to the tenants demand by continous work, keeping these in the market requirements. We develop properties with sustainable potential and look at th same time beyond tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We are focussed on long-term value at a good current yield, an art of its own. We are, as long as we are not invested ourself, exclusively based on the needs of our customers. We are looking for long-lasting business relationships, because these match best to properties and equity real estates.

"Luck is, when preparation meets opportunity."

True to this saying of Seneca we understand preparation as a permanent research. Out of a resistant observation of the market obtain almost inevitable occasions. So you can support luck a bit to appoint itself. We do this feedrate for you as well, if you like. [SEVERA] almost synonymous in Italian and Spanish for strictness and severity, feminine derivation of severo, this word has found input into many languages whether its Latin origin. We prefer the meaning of the word strictly/severely, because we consider the quality of properties in accordance to defined criteria strictly and unadulterated. We estimate investment shareholding thoroughly and severely. We do meticulous accounting.



people who appreciate care for every aspect of properties

people who expect experience, professionalism and problem-solving skills and

people for whom average plans and average returns are not good enough.



And yes, we work for money.

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You can always reach SEVERA by email or twitter. We’re eager to hear from you, read all of your correspondence, and try to respond quickly.


If you’re feeling social, you can follow SEVERA on twitter and facebook (oh, and here we are on google +). We use social media to connect with customers and users, link to our latest articles and products and point you to news and resources from around the Web. 

A last piece of information

We are often on the road, but always reachable. Our headquarters are in the near of the rediculus horse race track southern in Leipzig. Our mailing address is Brandvorwerkstr. 52/54, 04275 Leipzig, Germany. Emailing us is faster, though.